Industrial Grade 16-Port  USB  Type  C  Hub Charges  & Data  Syncs HUB 300W Integrated Power Supply with One-key On/Off Switch for PC Laptop iPhone Batch Date Copy,Mobile phone Brush,Mobile Group Control

  • 16Ports USB Type C HUB
  • Industrial Grade HUB
  • Supports High Speed 10 Gbps
  • One-key On/Off Switch
  • Over-current detection and protection
  • Integrated300 W independent power modules

Transfers Data at Super-Fast USB 3.1 Gen 2 Speeds and Charges Mobile Devices

The 16 ports USB-C ports can transfer data at speeds up to 10 Gbps, which is twice as fast as USB 3.1 Gen 1. If all the ports are used simultaneously, each port provides up to 0.9 amps of power. Because the ports are BC 1.2-compliant, they can deliver up to 2.4 amps of charging power to mobile devices (when connected to power).

 Also Syncs Devices via Connected Computer

Syncs USB devices using its compatible software, such as iTunes or Apple Configurator

Included USB cable connects USB-B port and computer’s USB-A port

Charge up to 16 Standard USB C Devices or 16 High Power Consuming devices Simultaneously

The rack mountable Type-C charger can charge USB-C devices. The USB-C port charger outputs a total of 300W.  the Type-C charger is equipped with an internal cooling system to dissipate heat buildup and is powered by AC input. This USB C high power 300 W USB Type-C charger can be mounted into a standard 19 inch rack for commercial and industrial use. All port support simultaneous charging for their respective applications.

Industrial Type-C high power charger with 300W power for iPads, tablets, and other low power legacy charging TYPE C devices.

Safe Charge with MeanWell Brand with Φ5mm LED Indicator Display

Built-in MeanWell LRS-350 (300W,volt range: 200V-240 power supply, the case with heat dissipation and built-in fan, design the holes for the fligh case which can fixed it into the fligh case or charging cabinets also can including the mounting bracket.

Automatic charging with Φ5mm LED Indicator Display

Green light when connect the power, type C device inserted into port will be red flashing. Charging status with red and green color when the full battery.

Automatic charging:  connect the power with no light, plug into the devices with charging status is red color, charging it to 90%-95%with green color, full battery with no light. full battery to cut down automatically.


Our clients use our 16 ports usb c hub , which installed into the transport case, charging cabinet and server rack, also can be assembled into 19 inch charging trolley.

Multiple iPad Charging Station Carts & Mobile Multi Tablet Carrying Cases, you may see the real case ;

Transport, charge and secure up to 10/16/20 iPads or tablets in a protective flightcase or carrying cases for Secure Charging, Storage & Travel.