Quality Control
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Quality Certificated by

Quality Certificated by

LADAGOGO all product are well maintained with certification requirements. We only use the outstanding materials with certified approval and follow the regulation to make sure the safe and meet the international standard.

Quality Management

Our product development and manufacturing are executed under the ISO 9001 Quality Systems to assure that the products meet your quality standards.

Mature Product Line

A complete workshop production process, Personnel Organization and training, strict quality control system, product improvement process, sales team, engineering and production market dynamic communication and quality feedback.

Thanks to our experienced engineers and skillful QC team, we have good relationships with numerous clients, such as Huawei, XPO, Google, Brightstar, Foxconn, Amazon etc.. It is proven that our products can exceed your expectations.

Branded Components For Stable Quality

Our reliable, excellent, prestigious suppliers are the core element of SKLED’s competitiveness.

Having a long-lasting partnership with suppliers like MeanWell( power supply) with stable power supply, Realtek, TERMINUS, CSR, QUALCOMM etc. with stable project case solutions etc. we ensure the quality of our product Series is superior.

Besides, the process of selecting suppliers is sophisticated and strict. The quality of raw materials, on-time delivery, and honesty are all we concern about.

Key Production Process Linked to Quality

Our highly experienced program managers will provide you with full support to your project:

Step 1

Product Design and Development
Functional product design to give your company product differentiation and  competitive advantage.

Step 2

Material Selection
Each project starts with material sourcing, with mature materials suppliers to cooperate, all the procedure with 5-10 professional purchaser & 10-15 years product manager to control.

Step 3

Assembly and Testing
In the process of product assembly, the functional product software or equipment for functional testing; according to the production process for testing and functional testing to ensure product quality

Step 4

Custom Packaging
We have designer to design the box and also have packing company to support.
We connect the dots between strategy, customer experience, and operational effectiveness in outer-packaging design. If you do not have your outer-packaging design yet, we can provide design service with reasonable charges

Step 5

Third Party Testing Support
Consign the inspection company to inspect the products processed in other places and control the quality of the products. We also welcome clients to appoint the inspection company to check the products.

Step 1

We ship globally. Delivery charges vary and will be agreed with you at the point of placing your order.
Free shipping to your freight agency
Logistic sourcing

Product Analysis and Problem Solving

Besides for the new product development, we also attach great importance on the existing Electronic products to improve them and troubleshoot your problems. The design, surface, circuit, and failure of the components will be carefully and professionally analyzed and tested until we solve your challenges. Proven excellent quality is our first priority.

Quality Into Details

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