The software company that provides personal computer (PC) and cloud-based software solutions for mobile device and content management, device logistics, and customization.

The company they provide the completed solution for used mobiles phones; It is the big market and benefit for the environment; You can know the report regarding to

Cellphone Refurbishment Business: A Surprising Growth in the Used Phones Market

And they also require the multi-ports USB HUB to support their software; They require

A complete processing platform customized for your operation

Preliminary device inspection

Determine whether a phone is worth salvaging before it enters the supply chain, saving you time and money. Automate the mobile device identification and inspection process at the point of collection in less than 90 seconds with a zero footprint cloud-based solution that runs on any smart mobile device or computer.

Fast and accurate testing and data clearing

FutureDial makes it easy to test and clear mobile devices efficiently. Both our automated and manual testing solutions offer extensive test capabilities, accelerated test cycle times, and minimal device handling. For high-volume operations, our SMART Test™ robot offers unprecedented efficiency, freeing up your employees for other value-added tasks.

Gobal Resale receives and processes mobile phones from everywhere around the globe. They partnered with FutureDial to implement a seamless solution to meet their strict quality and high velocity standards.

They also provide the service for mobile devices solution, such as data eraser ect.

Data Clearing: The clearing of data from supported iOS, Android, and Blackberry models

You can know more and methods of mobile devices recycle.


They have the software, but we have the multi-ports USB HUB to support the data syncs and charges;

You can know more details of usb hub for mobile phones refurbments tools;

LA-223 20 PORTS USB 3.0 HUB For Mobile phone refurbishment