7 port USB 3.0 hub with a rugged metal chassis includes both DIN-Rail clip, mounting brackets, and power adapter;

The appearance is very textured, on the desk can also be decorated one side of the space. USB interface, light and switch are arranged neatly, the distance between USB ports is reasonable, 7 devices can also be connected at the same time free plug, each other does not affect.

The Hub’s expanded interfaces all support high-speed USB3.0 reading and writing, and can transfer 1GB files in 3 seconds. In daily use, such as video recording material dump, mobile phone data backup, and other big data transmission does not wait, can greatly improve work efficiency.

For programmers, designers, and Vlogger, it’s common practice to back up computer data and have multiple removable hard drives on hand.

The LADAGOGO splitter helps. It has a steady power supply from an external power source, multiple removable hard drives, and high-speed, stable data interactions.

Certainly, we also have other model which is mounting type

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