12 Ports Type C Charger Model:TC-120



LADAGOGO TC-120 12 Ports Type-C High powered charging station is designed for power hungry type C devices that depend on fully charged batteries to operate.

Each USB Type-C port has an output of 20W supporting USB-PD applications. It’s wide range of USB power delivery voltages are from 5V to 12V.

Power delivery levels of the High Power 250W USB Type-C charger station. We have designed the Type-C USB PD charging station with high charging demands in mind, this makes it an EXCELLENT choice for USB-C device charging support!


*  Charges Up to 12 Tablets, Smartphones and Other Type C Devices;

*  Maximum charge output of 4A per type C port;

* 12x Downstream USB Type-C Power Delivery ports supporting up to 20W per port;

* Can charge 12 Apple MacBook’s, Chromebook’s or other USB Type-C PD power hungry products.

* Supports all USB-PD Power Delivery voltages from 5V to 20V. (5V 4A/9V 2.1A /12V 1.7A) on type C ports and up to 20Watt per port;

* Supports industrial and commercial use charging applications;

Smart Device Detection

Built-in smart IC to detect required power, The advanced IC chip automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging power for connected devices. Your device charges as fast as possible while protecting your battery life ;

Charge up to 12 High Power Consuming devices Simultaneously

Meant for power hungry Type-C devices, the Type-C charger is equipped with a dual fan cooling system to dissipate heat buildup and is powered by AC input. This USB high power 250W USB Type-C charger can be mounted into a standard commercial and industrial use. All port support simultaneous charging for their respective applications.

Safe Charge with MeanWell Brand  LED Indicator Display

Built-in MeanWell 250W,volt range: 200V-240 power supply, the case with heat dissipation and built-in fan, design the holes for the fligh case which can fixed it into the fligh case or charging cabinets also can including the mounting bracket.

Automatic charging with Φ5mm LED Indicator Display

Green light when connect the power, type C device inserted into port will be red flashing. Charging status with red and green color when the full battery.

Widely usage

Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple type C devices are used;

Conveniently configures for professional, educational or personal installation;

System Requirements                                      

Tablet, smartphone or other smart device with type C port;

Package Includes                              

12 Ports Type C Charger x1

Power Cord x1


ITEM: 12 ports Type C Charger
Ports: 12 ports type C
Dimension: 270*110*62mm
Materials: Metal sheet
Color: black
Power supply:250W(Built-in)
Output:5V 4A/9V 2.1A /12V 1.7A

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