20 Ports USB Charger Model: C-20

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Model: LC-20B 20-Port USB Charger


Perfect for charging the most power hungry devices such as the Apple iPad, and the max current is 3A. So whether you’re at home or in the office, you no longer need to go looking for an available outlet or unplug one device to charge the other, the LC-20B 20-Port USB Charger provides you with the ports and power you need.


Fully detected charged. 

* This one USB charger is equivalent to 20 x Apple 12w chargers, saving you space and power consumption with this one device, replacing extension cables or power sockets with one simple, safe device.

* Charges up to 20 smartphones, tablets or other USB power devices simultaneously,Each charging ports delivers intelligent fast charging current up to 2.4A per port;

Intelligent charge

* Auto-detects attached devices and self-adjusts its output to the perfect for each charging device individually and simultaneously.

* Smart IC technology automatically detects the power requirements of your connected device(s) and delivers the maximum power output for fast charging and optimal charging efficiency;

Safe, reliable charging.  

* Modern safety features to protect your device from unforeseen power surges include Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection and Short-circuit protection

Widely Application

* Integrated power switch saves unwanted power use when not charging devices and saves you the inconvenience of unplugging the charger from the power outlet

* Can be used for iPads (at their full 2.1A charge), iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone; mobile phones; Android and Windows tablets; Kindles, Nooks and eReaders; game consoles, POS scanners, 3-D glasses; virtually any USB connected device.


Model: LC-20 20 Ports USB Charger

ITEM: 20 ports USB Charger
Dimension: 142*235*55mm
Box Size: 290*247*95mm
Materials: Galvanized sheet
Color: black
Power supply: 200W
Output:5V 2A(10W)
N*W:1.8kg G*W:2kg

Package Includes 

1. 20 ports USB Charger *1
2. Power cord*1 ( US. UK. AU, EU optional)

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