The subject plastic part of the project is the button of a coffee maker. We were asked to have them sprayed without covering the laser-printed words to allow a good light transmission.

Meanwhile, the surface around the button couldn’t be covered by the spray. What’s more, our client was in urgent need of the prototype for a fair at that time.

Our engineers tried every means to overcome the difficulties. At first we tried to spray both manually and by machine but the effect didn’t turn out to be satisfying. Then we gathered all of our experienced engineers and technicians from different departments to work on that day after night. Finally, our team figured out the perfect solution—by spraying a base oil layer and a silver oil layer, we tested out the optimum thickness that is easy for both laser and light transmission.

Ultimately we sent the prototype to our client in time. With the perfect prototype, our client won orders and customers satisfaction in the fair. Since then, our client had been keeping close relationship with us.

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