We have more than 10 ports USB HUB and it suitable for different area and you know more details of below model

The difference between the LA-300 and the LA-400:

Both are 10-port USB 2.0 hubs. The main difference between the LA-300 and the LA-400 is that the different specifications of the power supply make the output power of each port
different. The LA-300 STANDARD 12V 5A power adapter outputs 5V 500mA current per port and the LA-400 standard 12V 10A power adapter outputs 5V 2100mA current per port.
The LA-300 is not limited to the LA-300, which must be connected to a computer to charge a cell phone. Charging the device to less than 2A:
If the hub is connected to a computer, the default is data mode and the current drop is only 500 ma. In the absence of a computer connection, currently less than 2A, you need to see
how much current the device to support the charge input, in addition to the test is recommended with the device’s original data line test.

Connecting to a computer and charging the IPAD is slow:
The LA-400 can charge and syncs 10 Ipads at the same time, but technically the two functions are not synchronized. This is due to the IPAD’s own set-up, which reduces the
charge current to a few hundred milliamps if a computer connection is detected. So if you need to charge the IPAD, don’t connect the computer. Unplug the USB cable, and the IPAD
will go into fast reading charging mode.

When it working, the fan makes a sound:
A fan in the process of operation is not absolutely quiet, so in a relatively quiet environment to use, ears feel the sound of rotation is a normal phenomenon. If the noise is relatively
large, and after a long period of use because there will be dust and other object adsorbed on the fan blades, the sound will also become large is a normal phenomenon, you can turn
the product upside down to shake it, to see whether the fan exhaust port dropped debris caused;

To connect the 3G modem/dongle is unstable :
The hub is a USB hardware device to extend the computer. If the amount of data
transmitted between the Wireless Network Card and the computer is too large, the
interference between the devices can easily lead to instability. This is true for all hubs, and
the smaller the space between the hubs’USB ports, the greater the interference.

The difference between the LA-423 ( 10 ports usb 3.0 hub)  and the LA-400 ( 10 ports usb 2.0 hub) 

Both 10 ports with data syncs and charge, each ports ‘s max current is 2.4A, same structure design and shape, also built-in fan. The power adapter is 12v 10A;

But the LA-423  is USB 3.0 ,  LA-400 is USB 2.0, so the data syncs speed is totally different.