MODEL: LA-100 16 ports USB Copier

  1. Data Transfer Speed:

    The transmission speed depends mainly on the computer, memory card, USB protocol, and card The LA-100 has a theoretical speed of 2-3M / s with 16 devices plugged in at the same time;Moreover, the transfer rate speed is affected by many factors, including computer configuration,

The type of file copied (copying system files is slower, copying compressed files is faster, too many processes running on the computer itself can also affect copy speed. A HUB is simply a
piece of hardware in the copying process.

  1. Copy Time:

    The below transfer data that we test it in our company, Insert 16 U Disk mass copy of the actual test speed, each customer use environment is different, the specific speed may have a little difference, data for reference only.
    Data transfer time:
    1 G file: 8-10 minutes;
    2G file: 17 minutes;
    3G file: 25 minutes;
    4G file: 35 minutes;
    8G file : 68 minutes;
    16G file: 137 minutes;
    Notice: Each port’s current: LA-100 hub single port output up to 5V 400mA, 16 ports plug intoeach USB interface output for 5V 200mA, charging current is relatively small, not suitable for

    mobile devices to charge;


    The LA-100 hub is a USB one-wire 16-port device that requires only 1 USB cable to connect. However, considering that users will often plug and pull the interface may cause damage
    problems, we design is to use dual data line interface / DC power interface to extend product life,you can use the data cable to connect any ports. Do not connect two wires to the computer at thesame time, or it will not work properly;

  3. Why the copy failed:
    1. Before executing the copy, remove all anti-virus software from the computer (360 Safeguard,Baidu security guard, Kingsoft Internet Security, etc.)
    2. Make sure the copied file memory size is smaller than the USB storage device memory. Avoid copy failure due to insufficient capacity of USB flash device.
    3. Do the above two attempts still copy the case, try to copy the batch software off, direct manual copy to see if success. If successful, cuz the software is not compatible with a computer plug-in or program, resulting in a copy failure.
  4. Can not connect cuz of the damage of ports;
    This is due to the high frequency of plugging and unplugging lead to the normal loss and tear of the USB head. USB head replacement is not within the scope of the warranty.
  5. MODEL: LA-102 16 PORT USB Duplicator (two-wire version)The difference between the LA-100 and the LA-102
    The LA-102 is a 16-port dual-wire USB hub, with each data line independently controlling 8 USB
    ports. In the course of using, one USB cable is connected to the USB2.0 interface of the
    computer, and the other one is connected to the USB3.0 interface of the computer. A-100 is a
    single-wire USB hub, just need to connect a data line that can connect 2 data lines that will lead
    to the product can not be used.
    Copy speed: the transfer speed mainly depends on the computer, memory card, USB protocol,
    and card reader. The A-100 has a theoretical speed of 4-5 m / s with 16 devices plugged in

MODEL: LA-163 16 Ports USB 3.0 Duplicator
Difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0
USB2.0 and USB3.0 are two different USB interface types. In theory, USB3.0 is 10 times faster
than USB2.0. A 16-port USB3.0 hub can run at a speed of about 25M / s when 16 Usb3.0
readers / USB disks are connected to the computer’s USB3.0 interface and copied in batches.But if there is a USB 2.0 device or interface in the middle, the transmission speed will be greatly reduced.
Each port’ Current: Standard 5V 5A power supply, single port maximum 5V 900mA, connected with 16 USB devices, each port output power of about 5V / 250mA. It is not suitable for the transmission of data to high-power equipment and batch power supply.