Now, we have more than 8 years experiences on the industrial powerd USB HUB with multi-ports. We take the advantage of the local center of electronics, rich electronics engineers with 20 years, staff trainning, now,we would like to list the below USB HUB series and also including the customization service as per clients requests.

As the shortage of chipset and increasingly materials crazy, we have keep the quality and data tranfer stable, we have to make the  right choice to close the production line of USB 3.0 HUB and try to make sure of meet your order.

Please considerate that it is hard to control the suitation during the covid-19 epidemic, we undersand that it is not easy for both of us, we insist on providing the stable quality and recommend the suitable USB HUB or USB Charger as per your requests.

Certainly, as per the market demands,we also delvelop the PD charger and USB-C charger, all the board which design by our engineer Mr. Zhang who have 20 rich experience on the electronics area.

Certainly, we also can provide the PCBA, if you also need the API to control ect.

Now, we have the below USB hub series for your options

  1. USB 2.0 HUB ( syncs only)
  2. USB 2.0 HUB ( Charge & Syncs hub)
  3. USB 3.0 HUB ( syncs only) suitable for the USB duplication, card reader
  4. USB 3.0 HUB with charge & Syncs ( 1A- 2.4A) based on the ports you require and USB devices you have
  5. USB-C HUB ( Now, 12 ports and 16 ports Type C hub)
  6. USB 2.0 HUB ( syncs only)

You can visit our below links to know more USB 2.0 HUB


2. USB 2.0 HUB ( Charge & Syncs hub)

10 Ports/ 16 ports / 20 ports which the charging current will be 1A-2.4A , the interface is USB2.0, multi-port, state-of-the-art professional USB hub that meets iPad specs for simultaneously syncing to iTunes™ or Apple Configurator.

3.USB 3.0 HUB ( syncs only) suitable for the USB duplication, card reader


16 ports USB duplicators

4 ports, 7 Ports, 10 ports , 11 ports, 12 ports, 16 ports USB HUB with power adapter


USB 3.0 4/7/10-Port Industrial Hub Metal Case | Ladagogo

Ladagogo Switch 4-Port Portable USB 3.0 Superspeed Hub with Mounting Bracket

We also have 7/ 10 ports with switch control


You also can check the below model which is 7/ 10 ports USB HUB with mountable design which can fixed on the desk or table.


  1. USB 3.0 HUB with charge & Syncs ( 1A- 2.4A) based on the ports you require and USB devices you have

  1. 16/ 20/32/ 64-Port Industrial USB 3.0 Hub with Charging -Ladagogo customization service

Clients require the charge and sync hub for mobile phone, tablets charge

B. Charge & Sync | 16-Device Portable USB Charger Option

You can choose the charge & sync ( charging+ data transfer) and 16 ports USB Charger ( charging only)

Charge & Sync simultaneously Charge & Synchronize with a managed USB hub that deliver high-speed charging and syncing saving time.

  • Industrial USB 3 (SuperSpeed USB) hub providing data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1).
  • Transfer data up to ten times quicker than a USB 2.0 hub.
  • Charge and sync 32devices at up to 2.1A per port.
  • Connect both USB 2 and USB 3 devices (mobiles, tablets etc) at the same time.


C. iPad 32 port Desktop USB Charge & Sync Station

  • Charge & sync up to32 devices at the same time.
  • Fast and efficient charging for each device.
  • Mix & match any USB-chargeable device.

Design for Mobile charging cart or mobile flighcase on the education area


  1. 16 ports USB Charge & Sync Hub for Mobile Charging Cabinets

Universal 10/16 ports USB Sync / Charging Hub to Sync and Charge Tablets and iPads ( for 1U charging cabinets)


  1. USB C Hub Customization Service

We have already customize 12 ports and 16 Ports USB C charger for your market

The TH-163 16-Port USB-C HUB charges and syncs up to 16 tablets, smartphones and other Type C-equipped devices at the same time. Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple Type C devices are used, this unit provides up to max 5V, 3A (15W) of power to each port—plenty for charging battery-intensive devices like the iPad®, iPod®, iPhone® and Android® tablets and smartphones. LED indicators signal the ports in use.

In addition to charging, the TH-163 syncs any USB-C device using its compatible software—Apple® , iTunes® or Apple Configurator, for instance. An included USB cable attaches to the unit’s USB-B port and the USB-A port on a computer for syncing purposes.


Ladagogo Multi-ports USB Charger Series

12 ports/16 ports USB C- Charger

LADAGOGO TC-163 16 Ports Type-C High powered charging station is designed for power hungry type C devices that depend on fully charged batteries to operate.

Each USB Type-C port has an output of 60W supporting USB-PD applications. It’s wide range of USB power delivery voltages are from 5V to 12V.

1U rack-mountable USB C charger charges up to 16 tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple USB C devices are used.

Power delivery levels of the High Power 350W USB Type-C charger station. We have designed the Type-C USB PD charging station with high charging demands in mind, this makes it an EXCELLENT choice for USB-C device charging support!



*  Charges Up to 16 Tablets, Smartphones and Other Type C Devices;

*  Rack mountable into a standard 19 inch rack;

*  Maximum charge output of 4A per type C port;

* 16x Downstream USB Type-C Power Delivery ports supporting up to 20W per port;

* Can charge 16 Apple MacBook’s, Chromebook’s or other USB Type-C PD power hungry products.

* Supports all USB-PD Power Delivery voltages from 5V to 20V. (5V 4A/9V 2.1A /12V 1.7A) on type C ports and up to 20Watt per port;

* Supports industrial and commercial use charging applications;

Smart Device Detection

Built-in smart IC to detect required power, The advanced IC chip automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging power for connected devices. Your device charges as fast as possible while protecting your battery life ;


Charge up to 16 High Power Consuming devices Simultaneously

Meant for power hungry Type-C devices, the Type-C charger is equipped with a dual fan cooling system to dissipate heat buildup and is powered by AC input. This USB high power 350W USB Type-C charger can be mounted into a standard 19 inch rack for commercial and industrial use. All port support simultaneous charging for their respective applications.


Safe Charge with MeanWell Brand with Φ5mm LED Indicator Display

Built-in MeanWell 350W,volt range: 200V-240 power supply, the case with heat dissipation and built-in fan, design the holes for the fligh case which can fixed it into the fligh case or charging cabinets also can including the mounting bracket.

Automatic charging with Φ5mm LED Indicator Display

Green light when connect the power, type C device inserted into port will be red flashing. Charging status with red and green color when the full battery.

Automatic charging:  connect the power with no light, plug into the devices with charging status is red color, charging it to 90%-95%with green color, full battery with no light. full battery to cut down automatically.


Widely usage

Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple type C devices are used;

Conveniently configures for professional, educational or personal installation;

16/20 ports USB Charger for Mobile Charging Cabinets


Design it for 1U Cabinest

* Rackmount (Server racks): Compact 19″ (inch) 1U enclosure with internal PSU and rear vented thermal management. Complete with secure rack mounting kit

* Embedded temperature sensing cooling fan ensures reliable performance and long life

Charges Up to 16 Tablets, Smartphones and Other USB Devices

* Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple USB devices are used

* Compatible devices include iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones;

* Built-in 200 Watt (5V/40A) power supply provides reliable and safe power. Provides up to 5V, 2.4A (12W) of charging power to each port


* For mounting securely, for example in a server rack, cabinet, on a work bench or wall, or in a ceiling void.

* Wall mountable metal housing with durable attractive finish allows easy installation in any environment


Model: LC-20PD  USB 20 Port Charger  400W with 4 USB-C and 16 USB-A Ports

Ladagogo’s new 20 Port USB  Charger with 4USB-C and 16 USB-A Ports

20 ports USB charger is portable and includes 4 USB Type-C ports and 16 USB Type-A ports. The USB-A ports have a Maximum of 2.4A with a Maximum of 3A for the USB-C ports. This USB C and A combo charger is versatile accepting both USB C and USB-A dependent devices. All ports can be used simultaneously with its built-in Smart IC chip power detection of low and high power requirements.

The USB 20 port home charger is equip with LED indicators for each port letting you know which port is in use and which are not. Its attractive design and white color make it a great central place for everyone’s USB device to charge. This charger can replace your current mobile device chargers for Apple or Android products.

20/30/40/60/100-Port USB Charging Station for iPads and Other Apple Devices

usb c charging station

LADAGOGO  LC-330 30-Port USB Charger is the solution, allowing you to charge up to 30 tablets, phones or other mobile devices all at the same time. Up to 5V, 2.4A (12 Watts) of power is provided to each port.

Perfect for charging the most power hungry devices such as the Apple iPad. With a maximum of 300W, you can provide up to 5V, 2.4A per port simultaneously. So whether you’re at home or in the office, you no longer need to go looking for an available outlet or unplug one device to charge the other, the 30 Ports USB Charger provides you with the ports and power you need.

Features over-heating, over-current, and over-charging (stops charging when device battery is full) protection. Includes an internal, dual-voltage (100-240V) power supply – no bulky external power supply required.

Compatible charging but not limited for all iPad models, all iPhone models 5/s, 4/s, 3, iPod,Tablets,Smart phone(Galaxy, Nexus, Droid, HTC ONE, GALAXY NOTE) digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, GPS (global positioning system), Hero Camera and other USB charger function devices.

Widely Application

*  Ideal for charging power bank, tablets, cell phones, laptops and other devices in public place(office, coffer bar, school, hospital);

*  Delivers up to 5V, 2.4A per port, enough for charging battery-intensive devices like the Apple iPad Protects against overheating, over current and overcharging;

*  Connect devices to 30 unit’s USB ports for proficient charging Functions anywhere AC power is available—no computer required;

* Any device with a USB charging cable is compatible.

It is not hard to find the USB 3. 0 HUB supplier, different fatories which they choose the chip, circuit, power supply and craftmanship, certianly, it also need to tested and checking on the apperance annd real testing when it is Semi-finished product and when assembled. For our USB HUB and USB Charger, not the expensive is the right choice, you reall y need our sales team to guid you to choose the suitable USB HUB & USB Charging Station.

You can contact us.