Multi-ports USB HUB to help you process phones and tablets faster than before;

Process more phones and tablets faster.

Use our professional USB hubs to quickly erase data on 80+ mobile devices simultaneously with properly scoped hardware and configuration.

Clients use the latest technology or the software to control the devices which connect the USB HUB to maximum data transfer and sync speed, meaning you can erase data, wipe and provision devices quicker using our USB hubs.

Refresh any device

When processing high volumes of mobile devices to resell, repair or recycle, efficiency is crucial.

Using our USB hubs mean you can process 80+ mobile devices simultaneously with properly scoped hardware and configuration.





Who require the Multi-ports usb hubs? 

Mobile device recycling company

e-Cycle is a premier mobile device recycling company that partners with leading corporations and large government agencies to securely recycle their smartphones and tablets.

Cell Phone Recycling – Why Use SellCell?

The above clearly shows how the improper disposal of mobile phones can be damaging to the environment. It is therefore critically important that cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices are recycled with reputable recycling companies.

We can assure you that all of the buyback companies on SellCell recycle cell phones and other electronic devices in an environmentally friendly way. All adhere to strict environmental policies so you can rest assured that any cell phone or other device you recycle through SellCell will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

  • SellCell only adds recyclers that have been vetted to ensure that they comply with best practice environmental policies and recycle phones and electronic goods in an environmentally friendly manner
  • SellCell is a green company and is committed to helping reduce electronic waste

Cell Phone Repair Software Company

the software company that provides personal computer (PC) and cloud-based software solutions for mobile device and content management, device logistics, and customization.

100% Secure Erasure & Diagnostics for Smartphones, Laptops, Loose Drives, Servers and More

Securely erase data from tablets or smartphones, ensuring the permanent destruction of sensitive information.

Secure data deletion from all mobile devices.

Mobile erase software securely deletes all data from tablets and smartphones, ensuring the permanent removal of user files such as emails, contacts, photos, text messages, and other data.

Mobile Phone Recycling/Procurement/Refurbishment service company 

Fast and accurate testing and data clearing

Use the software( your software to control the usb hub to) makes it easy to test and clear mobile devices efficiently. Both our automated and manual testing solutions offer extensive test capabilities, accelerated test cycle times, and minimal device handling.

The recommdation of USB HUB ( 20 ports USB 3.0 HUB)

LA-223 20 ports USB 3.0 HUB for Mobile Phone Repairs & Refurbished


LA-223 is an advanced universal USB 3.0 that can charge and manage iOS and Android devices.  It takes full advantage of USB 3.0’s 5Gbps data transfer and full 2.1A high-current charging for each connected 3.0-capable devices.

We provide the 20 ports usb 3.0 hub with charge and syncs function, r Smart phones from all top brands in the industry such as Nokia, Samsung, Nexus, Motorola, Blackberry etc. Our refurbished smartphones, refurbished mobile phones, and refurbished tablets are the best in the market.


The clients may choose the fast speed and each ports with 2A. We reommend that you choose the LA-223 20 PORTS USB 3.0 HUB. In addition, it also depends on the ports you require. You can contact us to know more details.

Charging and then processing large volumes of mobile devices can be costly and time-consuming when done one at a time.

The Hub is an industrial grade 20-port USB 3.0 unit that delivers stable high-speed read-write processing performance while charging devices allowing increased volume in far less time.


The recommdation of USB HUB ( 10 ports USB Charge & Sync Hub )
30 Ports Charge& Sync HUB Model:LA-330 


Erasing Mobile Phone Data

Our mobile device data erasing solution ensures that any handsets or tablets with confidential information attached, is wiped clear as quickly and effectively as possible. It means that all data is permanently removed from that device.

Erasing mobile device data is an excellent way to protect customer data and avoid any unnecessary destruction or re-procurement costs. Not only that, but erasing mobile device data also allows recycler companies to redistribute used handsets quickly and effectively, safe in the knowledge that all previous data has been destroyed.

We only provide the hardware to support you, for the software, you need to develop it and the market also have the software to support.

Mobile phone refurbishment: 

IT software supplier:HUAWEI, Foxconn, Google, Amazon,  etc.

Mobile phones/Tablets supplier: Apple, Huawei, Vivo

Refurbishment center, Repair center, Mobile Device Eraser, Smartphone & Tablet Repair Service

Refurbished Phones - iPhones & Samsung (Business Cell Phone Recycling

The mobile phone recycle has kept pounds of toxic e-waste out of landfills, and greatly reduced unnecessary carbon emissions and energy waste through the reuse of used mobile devices.


Due to compelling data security concerns, a large business client had developed a destroy-only policy for the company’s used wireless devices.


rigorous mobile data deletion and protection processes gave our client the confidence they needed to do away with their destroy-only policy and began to generate significant revenue while protecting their data and the environment.

Bad for the environment

According to the EPA, reusing a mobile phone saves 20 times the amount of energy than recycling alone, as well as cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. Now add in thousands of devices and your organization can make a significant positive impact on the environment.