16 Ports USB Charger Model:1U16-20

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Model:1U16-20 16 ports 1U Charger


The 16-Port USB Charging hub is a solution for quick charging or synchronizing up to 10 iPads, iPhones iPods and USB charging devices operating simultaneously, comes with power adapter, USB cable, and rack mounting brackets.

Any School, businesses, or organization can take advantage of this charging hub as the go to tool for daily charge/sync functions for the classroom, conference room, or presenter. The USB charging hub incorporates an on / off switch and 3 color LED indication for fully charged, charging in progress, and syncing.


Charges Up to 216 Tablets, Smartphones and Other USB Devices

* Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple USB devices are used

* Compatible devices include iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones;

* Built-in 200 Watt (5V/40A) power supply provides reliable and safe power. Provides up to 5V, 2.4A (12W) of charging power to each port


* For mounting securely, for example in a server rack, cabinet, on a work bench or wall, or in a ceiling void.

* Wall mountable metal housing with durable attractive finish allows easy installation in any environment

Design it for 1U Cabinest

* Rackmount (Server racks): Compact 19″ (inch) 1U enclosure with internal PSU and rear vented thermal management. Complete with secure rack mounting kit

* Embedded temperature sensing cooling fan ensures reliable performance and long life

Status Indicators 

*LED indicators signal ports in use.

* It show the red during the charging status, when the device charge the power fully, it will become green.

* Power switch conserves energy when not in use, built-in LED provides easy recognition of power status

System Requirements  

  • Tablet, smartphone or other smart device with USB port;


Model:1U16-20 16 ports 1U Charger

ITEM: 16 ports 1U charger
Dimension: 440x200x44mm
Materials: Galvanized sheet
Color: black
Power supply: 5V 40A(Built-in) 200W
Output:5V 2.4A
N*W: G*W:

Package Includes

1. 16 ports 1U charger *1
2. Power cord*1
3. Mounting Bracket

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