25 Ports USB 2.0 HUB Background:

The PCR USB Dongle which need to connect the computer to read the infos; portable PCR test kit for Covid-19 which can detect coronavirus in 5 minutes

The clients created a portable polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test kit which can confirm if someone has Covid-19 in five minutes. The chip is then plugged into a special USB dongle, dubbed “Poche”, and connected to a laptop for the test to begin. The results can be monitored in real time.

Gene segments of the virus consume reagents in the solution as the virus multiplies, showing up as a dip in the graph that is displayed on the laptop screen.Based on the number of USB ports available, multiple tests can be run at the same time.


Our clients require the fast data syncs speed, they choose the USB 3.0 HUB and the space of each usb ports which is not the standard. They hope us to customize the USB HUB based on our 20 Ports USB 2.0 HUB ( work well). They provide draft, we have industrial designer to make the structure and engineer to make the circuit and we customize the PCBA for confirmation. Then, we assembled it and provide the packaging service, we also provide the logo printing on the hub, th e label on the product and user manual etc.\


At the first stage, we design 25 Ports USB 3.0 hub, but it also have the issues of connectting their software, the computer can read all, so we change it as per the real suitation again.


We fulfilled our customer’s requirements by communicating with our regular PCBA manufacturer and packaging supplier with super quality and competitive price. All the details we follow our orginal procedure ( industrial design- functions require( background)- PCBA design- case provided- assemble- aging testing- devices testing- user manual/ logo printing -pacakge. Finally, all assembled products went through all the quality procedure of our customer


The 25 ports usb hub fully met customer’s requirement, as well as the final product assembly and color box packaging.

The main procedure for design 

We have professional industrial designer and he has 20 years experience.

The general process, specific to see what the customer needs to do.




  1. Customer demand for design-design quotation-sign Business Agreement (50% down payment)-design-effect drawing scheme confirmation-50% down payment-3d printed appearance board;
  2. Structure design-3d drawing structure confirmation-3d printing structure hand plate-hand Plate fitting-mold opening-mold fitting-mold modification-trial production-mass production.