Application in Education on the Tablets -Charges & Syncs HUB

With the rapid development of information technology and the increasing popularity of tablet computers, many regions at home and abroad have already used tablet computers in the field of education, and tablet computers have become teaching tools, many students use tablets to browse the web, read electronic textbooks and other textbooks, and even do homework. Tablets store so much information that students’backpacks are no longer heavy.

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By the end of 2014,640,000 students in Los Angeles public schools will have an apple tablet in their hands. The Los Angeles School Board has secured a $3 million purchase order for the IPAD from Apple.

In the UK, many parents of public school students have been told they have to buy or rent ipads for their children. Some Canadian schools set aside money to buy tablets to equip their classrooms. They buy many brands of tablets, from apple to Samsung. There is a growing trend in schools to bring their own computer equipment.

“It’s going to be a trend to bring your own computer device, ” said Peter Vogel, a communications and Information Technology teacher. While there are many students using android smartphones, the iphone is still popular among students, Vogel said. For those who want a tablet, he recommends the Google Nexus 7, a 7 inch android tablet that starts at $250. Google’s CHROMEBOOK, which starts at $200, can be updated automatically without having to install and update antivirus software.

Parents and students often ask Vogel what kind of computer or tablet to buy. “I would ask, what are you doing 90 per cent of the time you are using the computer? ” He says? If it’s the Internet,. I would say a Chromebook is a good choice, ” he said. “If you want specialized software, like photoshop or software that meets the requirements of a personalized programming environment, then I would say a laptop is a better choice. “

Vogel suggested schools replace the IPAD with a Google Chromebook because it’s easier for high school students to use a computer with a keyboard, and because all the software is protected by Google and can update itself, it’s also cheaper than the IPAD.


According to market research firm Nelson’s latest Connected Devices Report, about 78% of parents allow their children under the age of 11 to use a tablet at home. More than half (54 percent) of parents said their children use tablets primarily for learning purposes. Some of the most popular activities were reading (42%) , taking notes (40%) and doing homework (30%) . But the most popular activities for Kids Were Web surfing (51 percent) and email (46 percent) .

The survey showed that many children use tablets to browse textbooks or other educational materials, and that tablets connected to the Internet have a wealth of new, real-time content that can enrich students’learning.

The school choose the famous brand charging cart, such as Ergotron, Earthwalk, Copernicus etc , they devote their effort on the education area.

YES36 Adjusta Charging Cart& Mobile Makerspace

ChromeCart SS30.Rev4

At the same time, LADAGOGO’s design the charge & sync hubs for charging and data transmitting;

Easy to use:

* iTunes and Apple configurator enables you to sync your apps, media and usable content from your office, home or classroom. Our Intelligent charging allows you to charge multiple types of devices at the same time whilst ensuring connection stops automatically for each device once fully charged.

CASE 1  I pad charging cabinets/flight case charger 

Clients also design the mobile flight case for 10 tablets ( LA-400 10 Ports charge & Syncs Hub) and (LA-423 10 Ports USB 3.0 HUB);

10/16 Sync Charge Box can sync up to 10/16 iPad®, iPad Air™, iPad mini™ other iOS devices simultaneously. Just one 16 Sync Charge box can also charge up to 16 iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini other iOS devices in approximately the same time it would take you to charge one.


Charge and Sync 8/16 iPads, Androids or Windows tablets with a single connection to your Mac or PC, and a single power cord. The 8/16 is a future-proof device and can charge all current USB chargeable devices. Future devices can be supported, as and when required, via firmware updates. Housed in a rugged carry case with wheels anextendible handle, the 16 ensures ultra portability.Charge and sync up to 8/16 devices at onceIntegrated wheels and extendable handle External power and USB sockets ;





They adopt the Model: LA-165 16 ports usb charge  & sync hub (16-Port USB you can sync your devices using Apple iTunes or Apple Configurator)with 19″ 1U charging cabinet design; Certainly, we also have 16 ports usb charger  (LC-165 charging only) and

16 Ports 1U Charger Model:1U16-20 and 19″ Rackmount USB Charger Model:1U20-30 ( 20 ports) 

Case 2 USB Charge & Sync Charging Trolley 

Design LA-812 Super-long 30 ports USB Sync & Charge Hub

We also provide the PCBA board to install it into the charging cabinet; If you have requests on the ODM Service on the USB Charging Hub or USB Charger, you can contact us directly.