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Industrial-grade USB HUB with multi-ports which can provide more than 7/10/ 16/ 20/ 30/ 32/ 60 ports usb ports to connect the USB devices  at the same time. Our multi-ports usb hub which is the industrial-grade to provide enough current charge and also can syncs the file through the software. People use USB HUB with multi-ports which connect the computer,using their software to control the  mobile phones/ tablets etc.

Case 1 SNS Marketing online ( more than 60 ports USB HUB provided) , design this for Live brodcast USB HUB  

You can charge your mobile devices at the same and each mobile phones will display for the different platform


Bulk control phone at the same time : 

The hub is just a hardware device that acts as an extension of the computer’s USB port. It doesn’t have a control function. The screen projection of the mobile phone on the computer and the control of the program on the mobile phone are both realized by the group control software. The software is paired with our Ladagogo hub device for crowd control.


Multi-ports USB HUB designs for on-line marketing (Wechat, Twitter,Facebook. Viber, Line, etc.) and Youtube Live on mobile phones;

Real time control: Using our hubs to connect the computer, and mobile phones/tablets to connect our hubs, using the software to operate the mobile devices;

Auto marketing: Through the computer to add the fans, post messages etc. on the phones at the same time.

Concentrated dialogue: All the phones display on the screen and chat with different clients or friends.

Intelligent simulation: Keep the marketing safety, avoiding blocking.

Connect the phones to install and move the software.

Design this for Live brodcast USB HUB  
You can charge your mobile devices at the same and each mobile phones will display for the different platform.

Note: We only provide the usb hub as the hardware.

Issues: Connected to a computer, the device can be identified by 10 ports on only one side:

20-port hub is a data cable that controls 20 USB ports. When only 10 ports are identified, try unplugging all devices and test ports 1-20 with one USB drive or a mobile phone to see if it works. If it is still the previous 10 ports that can be identified, the other 10  ports cannot be identified, you can contact our factory testing and provide after-sales service.

When more than 60 phones are connected, all the lights on the 4th 20 HUB ports is flashing ;

The bandwidth is limited when multiple 20-port hubs are connected directly to the computer due to the computer bandwidth limitation. The 20-port hub is not suitable for multi-level series connection due to the limitation of the chip architecture hierarchy. It is recommended to use 10 USB hubs in series to expand the number of mobile phones.

We also have 10 ports, 16 ports, 28 ports and 32 ports usb hub for your option;

Contact us to get the usb hub catalogue: [email protected]




Case 2 Connect the USB dongle , Huawei USB wireless Modem. raspberry pi

We have clients choose the different USB HUB for testing and we are not sure which one is the best, clients also need to know the stability for the data transfer.

We have many model the clients choose and give us the feedback, they share us the below pictures( from the clients)


Case 3. Clients buy the usb hub for bitcoin Mining and connect the computer

10 ports USB 2.0 HUB