Today, 5-7-2021,  we got the inquiry from a client who is send a inquiry “ What is your highest capacity USB Hub that is also capable of connecting with data?” 

We send the below questions and figure out the issues he has. If you also visit our website, we hope that you can follow the below questions to us and we can recommend the suitable model to you.

Before we recommend the USB HUB to you, you just mentioned the best USB HUB, we need to know your requests on it .


  1. How many ports you require to connect your mobile devices?

Re: As many ports as possible. I currently use 20 port hubs, but could use up to 100 per hub.


  1. The mobile device is mobile phone, tablet or other USB devices? Can tell us the brand and the item’s specification? What is the current require?Such as, iphone 8 1.5A charges, tablet: 2.4A or both.

RE: I primarily use iPhone SE (2016) model devices, but sometimes use iPhone 7 Plus devices. 1.5A should be powerful enough to charge those devices;


  1. What the function you need, data syncs, charges, or syncs & Charges at the same time;

Re: Hubs are required to charge and sync.


  1. The background of device you plan to use, for USB-disk duplicator, body camera, mobile phones / tablet refurbishment etc.
  2. Data tranfer speed require, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, if you need the USB3.0 device, please make sure all

RE:  Mobile devices


In addition, we also have the industrial USB HUB with high power supply which built-in and external design.



32 ports USB 3.0 HUB bulit-in 300W Power Supply

Model: LA-332

ITEM: 32 ports Charge& Sync HUB

Interface: USB3.0

Dimension:262x130x75 mm

Materials: Metal

Color: black

Power Adapor:5V 60A( built-in) 300W

Output:5V 2.4A(max)

N*W: 2400g  G*W:2500g


Model: LA-812 30 ports USB 2.0 HUB

ITEM: 30 ports Charge& Sync HUB

Interface: USB2.0   Chip: USB 3.0


Materials: Aluminum

Color: black

Power Adaptor:5V 60A 300W (External) (Mean Well Brand)

Output:5V 2.4A (max)

N*W: 750g  G*W:2150g


Both the model LA-332 32 ports USB 3.0 HUB and LA-812 30 Ports USB 2. 0 HUB also suitable for the below items, s

upport charge and syncs, if you charge the USB devices, depending on the devices current requires;  

Mobile Phones

Tablets( Ipads, Android etc.)

Power bank

Solar charging system

Charging Cart

Charge Box  

Tablets mobile case

flight case

tablet charging cart

charge and syncs box

Tablets/mobile phones

mobile phone flashing

second hand mobile phone recycle

mobile phone solutions


I have seen that model before, however I would prefer something with more ports if possible. And also with a separated power supply to help with heat issues. Are there any alternatives or custom products?

RE: We recommend the below model LA-030 30 ports charge & sync hub

1. can charge and syncs 30 ports USB mobile phones/ tablets  at the same time (optional charging function)
2. Interface: synchronous data tranfer is USB2.0 standard,
The charge output voltage is DC 5V, and the maximum output current is 2A
1 USB data syncs ports , 30 ports USB ports for connecting the mobile devices (smart phones/ any brand tablets)
Basic specification:
30 ports USB Charge & Syncs Hub

Product Size: 435 x 85 x 25mm

product weight: 660g,

G* W: 2kg

Materials: Metal+ painting

3. each port has over-current and over-voltage protection
4. external industrial power supply 5V60A 300W, each ports’ max charging current is 5V, 2A
5. Support mobile phones and tablets charging at the same time, smart intelligent charging chip, suitable for the IPAD, Samsung, HTC, SONY and other USB devices ;