1. What is a flat charging cabinet?

Flatbed charging cabinets are information technology products. Education in our country is gradually changing with the development of technology, the situation of carrying a large backpack weighing several kilograms to school every day is gone, replaced by a light and convenient electronic schoolbag, a kind of tablet computer combined with textbooks for learning. Whether it’s homework, tutorials or dictionaries in the backpack, teachers and students communicate with each other via the internet to complete their daily lessons. So how do you safely store and charge so many tablets? It is in this context that the Tablet Charging Cabinet was born.

Tablet charging cabinets – To meet the demand for high-capacity tablet charging, charging cabinets are usually computer devices that convert AC power to multi-wire devices. It can be widely used in schools or collective units such as government agencies, enterprises and institutions. The bottom of the tablet charging cabinet can be moved with pulleys. Tablet charging cabinet with sterilisation! Connect the two ends of the USB cable of the tablet device to the USB port of the device and the charging port of the tablet device respectively. At this point press the power switch button, all charging ports LED lights on, red light: charging status, green light: full / disconnected, sterilisation light at this point press the switch button, sterilisation light on.



  1. What is the principle of the flat charging cabinet?

The basic structure and working principle of the charging cabinet is similar to that of a contactor, consisting of a core, armature, coil, reset spring and contacts. As the flat panel charging cabinet acts as an auxiliary circuit with a very small on/off current, it is not equipped with a fire extinguishing device. There are two types of electromagnetic systems for tablet charging cabinets: direct-acting and snap-action. AC relays have a U-shaped snap-type electromagnetic mechanism and an E-type direct-acting type. The DC relays have a U-shaped electromagnetic mechanism.

The core and yoke of the electromagnetic system in the charging cabinet are integrated to reduce the non-working air gap. The pole shoe is the ring covering the end of the iron core. The armature is made of a rotatable plate structure. In the event of a power failure, the action of the reaction spring opens the armature of the tablet charging cabinet and resets the contact system. When energised, the electromagnetic gravitational force causes the armature to be attracted to the core, which closes the contact system.

Depending on the type and current of the solenoid coil, there are DC and AC relays. According to the circuit’s coil connection, the tablet charging cabinet is divided into current relays, voltage relays and intermediate relays.


  1. The tablet charging cabinet helps and assists in classroom teaching

With the development of technology and changes in educational methods, progress is rapid and inextricable. Information science and technology continue to influence traditional teaching methods, with the internet, cloud platforms and big data all subtly changing the way we learn. Demand is growing and interactive education has emerged.

In recent years, a wave of interactive teaching has become a hot topic in education, overturning the single teaching model and focusing on students’ ability to learn on their own, allowing students to truly integrate into the classroom through interaction with the teacher, not just by listening, but by learning, practicing, testing and interacting to communicate knowledge clearly and improve learning efficiency. In the interactive training process, the first step is to achieve twice the learning effect with half the effort with the help of interactive training equipment.


The flat charging cabinet was born out of a strong market demand. With centralised power supply technology, innovative trolley design and intelligent alarm device, it now has a variety of charging methods such as mainstream PDU and USB, and integrates training, charging, interactive learning and real-time supervision functions. Teachers can use this function to monitor students’ learning trends in real time and understand their learning dynamics.


  1. Is frequent charging of the charging cabinet harmful to the computer?

Most people buy laptops for portability and if used on a desktop it will last for years. When out and about, use the battery when it is dead, use the battery when it is inconvenient to lie down and plug it in, and plug it in when it is convenient to charge it. This is the normal use of a laptop and in this case it is unwise to unplug the battery when connected to an external power source.

Many people leave their laptops on and want to unplug the battery, fearing that the external power supply will constantly charge the battery, believing that frequent charging is harmful to the battery. But in reality, this is nothing to worry about. Laptops had this feature years ago, not to mention now, when the laptop battery is fully charged and the external power supply disconnects the battery instead of charging it.

Some people even believe that when a laptop is connected to an external power supply, the laptop still uses the battery but the power supply continues to charge the battery. Clearly, this is something that some people take for granted. Laptop manufacturers are not that stupid. What is true is that when a laptop is connected to an external power source, it will not use the laptop’s battery unless there is a sudden power failure.


  1. How to tell if it’s a smart charging cabinet

There are many brands of tablet charging cabinets on the market, with varying quality. By choosing the right, truly intelligent charging cabinet, you can maximise the value of your charging cabinet. The following is a brief description of the criteria for judging it.

1、According to the actual needs of customers, different tablets can be charged at the same time, such as 10-60 bits.

2, cabinet material using 1.0-1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate, safe and durable.

3、The circuit board must be charged with USB interface to prevent instantaneous over-current from damaging the equipment and affecting personal safety.

4、The design of the handrail is made of oval stainless steel tube, which is ergonomic, beautiful and practical. The front of the charging cabinet and the upper and lower decorative panels of the left and right doors are designed with an arc shape. It greatly reduces the problem of collision between teachers and students. The left and right doors and the maintenance door have vents to effectively discharge the hot air inside the cabinet.

5、The cabinet has engineering plastic compartment, the tablet computer is placed in layers, effectively preventing the tablet computer from being scratched.

6、The circuit is equipped with 8S safety protection system to ensure users’ personal safety.

7, the bottom of the cabinet is equipped with medical grade ultra-low noise damping universal wheels and brake wheels, convenient for the cabinet to move.

The above are the latest parameters in the industry, based on which you can basically judge whether it is an intelligent charging cabinet. I believe that we should take into account safety and quality when choosing the right charging cabinet brand supplier, do not choose low-quality, low-priced products and the existence of safety hazards of sloppy products.


  1. Will the tablet charging cabinet have radiation?

Tablet charging cabinets are mainly used for intelligent education, mainly for tablet education to provide centralised charging, storage and data management functions. Currently, many users have questions about the tablet charging cabinet, whether the charging device is safe and whether it will damage the tablet due to short circuit. Also, ultimately used for education, whether there is radiation inside the tablet charging cabinet is also a concern for schools and parents.

When it comes to tablet charging cabinets, they are in fact a large charging device, nothing more than a built-in circuit board and other equipment to ensure the stability and safety of charging multiple devices. Essentially it is the same as the electronic devices we normally use. The same goes for the use of TVs, computers, mobile phones etc. As long as the electronic equipment we use has radiation, the tablet charging cabinet is no exception. However, the damage to the human body from this radiation is almost negligible. According to industry tests, the radiation level of tablet charging cabinets is not as high as that of tablet computers, which is proof that tablet charging cabinets are absolutely safe.

  1. A good partner for smart classrooms – tablet charging cabinet

With the development of the information age, the influence of the Internet industry chain continues to expand, almost every layer can have an intimate “love” for the Internet. As the foundation of the country, the education industry is also actively developing, making full use of the advantages of the Internet and actively developing smart education. But how can smart education do without the help of a tablet?

Tablet computers and other electronic equipment centralised power supply, flat charging cabinet stability is high, is the wisdom of the classroom “good partner”. Quality assurance, performance guarantee, 10S protection system, overheating and overcharging protection, 3C and other national certifications, production stability tablet charging cabinet! It has the following advantages.


1、Silent brake wheel: noise reduction and shock absorption universal wheel

2, pear-shaped switch keys: soft keys with man-machine

3、 External power cable management slot: keep well organized

4、 ABS engineering plastic partition: stable and fixed, to avoid the plate collision easy to get dirty.

5、Mechanical lock: anti-theft and reassurance

6、Corner door anti-collision seat: protect the cabinet door, reduce noise and quietly close the door.

  1. R-angle design of the flat panel charging cabinet: save your mind and look beautiful
  2. Tips for choosing a flat-panel charging cabinet

With the rapid development of the Internet for the development of the education industry has brought new vitality, the construction of a unique “Internet +” education ecosystem has become the focus of education development. As a core project for the development of primary and secondary schools, smart education is gaining momentum. The implementation of electronic school bags has brought the role of tablet charging cabinets to the forefront. For most consumers, the concept of a tablet charging cabinet is not yet fully formed. Here are some tips to consider.

  1. Tablet charging cabinets can contact tablet charging cabinet manufacturers if there is a problem with the quality of the product, but in many cases they are not responsible, so you should consider product service issues before purchasing.
  2. When choosing a flat panel charging cabinet manufacturer, you should also look at the strength of the manufacturer, do not confuse with the product photos, some manufacturers now use fake photos, so it is best to buy a flat panel charging cabinet manufacturer for a site visit.

3, the quality of the product depends mainly on the raw materials and key components of the product, the current flat panel charging cabinet is also becoming a fierce competition in the Red Sea, the country around the large and small flat panel charging cabinet manufacturers numerous.


  1. What is the standard of the flat panel charging cabinet

1, charging cabinet whether to obtain national 3C certification. Only through the 3C certification of the charging cabinet can be assembled and tested in accordance with the requirements of the national CQC centre to ensure that the electrical characteristics of the charging cabinet in line with national standards. Many small and medium-sized manufacturers, the so-called 3c certification, only certain accessories have 3c certification, rather than the whole machine, so consumers should be very careful.

2, conventional charging cabinet is divided into AC (plug-in) charging cabinet and DC (USB type) charging cabinet. As the name implies, AC irradiated charging cabinet is to install multiple power supply panels in the cabinet, along with some intelligent power distribution devices, and users need to use the computer’s adapter. DC (UBS) charging cabinets are integrated switching power supplies and USB hubs are integrated charging cabinets where the user can connect the tablet directly to the USB charging port of the charging cabinet. Generally speaking, the price of USB type charging cabinets is much higher than the price of plug-in charging cabinets.

  1. We judge tablet charging cabinets by word of mouth. As the saying goes, word of mouth is the golden symbol of a brand in the market.
  2. Does the charging cabinet manufacturer have system certification such as ISO9001 and ISO14001? Only a stable management system can produce stable products.

5, such as in the school or company bulk purchase, must be directly to the brand manufacturers to view the factory management, production orders, head office personnel capacity. Only in this respect can you determine the advantages and disadvantages of the tablet charging cabinet.

  1. Tablet charging cabinets for classrooms

If students have tablets to study, it is not practical to cram a classroom full of charging strips, so tablet charging cabinets that can use the limited space in the classroom to provide regular power to a large number of tablets become the choice of most schools.

The Ingenious tablet charging cabinets provide centralised charging for smart mobile terminals such as tablets and iPads, with the option of direct charging and USB charging.

The direct use of plugs and sockets is less safe, and with many students in the classroom and children still at an active age, hidden dangers can easily arise in use. The Ingenious flat charging cabinet uses the 8s protection system and is equipped with a fan inside the cabinet, with ventilation holes on the left and right sides of the cabinet to facilitate the removal of hot air from the cabinet.

Class time is precious, so make good use of class time and after-school time to manage tablet charging and make classes more efficient. Convenient for teachers to manage student tablets in a unified way, the charging cabinet has built-in LED indicators to keep you informed of the tablet charging status. The front door of the charging cabinet is equipped with a door lock so that tablets can be stored in the charging cabinet after school. It is also equipped with an opening and closing latch and an ABS divider between the tablets and the tablet.

  1. Is it better to have an AC or USB charging cabinet?

Should I choose an ac or a USB tablet charging cabinet for my smart classroom?

First of all we need to understand the difference between these two types of charging cabinets? The main difference is that the ac type simply means that the charging cabinet provides a charging location and must be equipped with a charger, whereas the usb type is equipped with a charging cable. Both types of flat charging cabinets perform well, whether AC or USB. The strong and weak areas of the cabinet are separate, so that teachers and students can work safely and easily. The cabinet is equipped with temperature-controlled fans and ventilation holes on both sides. To help dissipate heat, the temperature of the equipment on the side of the cabinet is not too high when charging.

The more popular numbers in charging cabinets are 18, 42 and 60. existing flat panel charging cabinets are numbered 18/36/42/54/60/64/66 etc. Customer specific requests can also be provided with customisation.

The compartments of the tablet charging cabinet have ABS dividers between the tablets, which are neatly arranged when charging and the lines are not easily disordered, and also reduce collisions between the tablets, protect them from easily causing scratches etc.

The bottom of the charging cabinet is equipped with silent universal wheels, easy to move and noiseless.

  1. What is the structure of the charging cabinet?

The flat panel charging cabinet is made up of various parts of the structure. The components of each part and their roles are as follows.

  1. Flatbed charging cabinet cabinet; thickened cold-rolled steel plate, electrostatic resin spraying, smooth and durable surface.

2, with lock magnetic suction door; tablet charging cabinet is equipped with mechanical lock, equipped with magnetic suction setting, effectively prevent the cabinet door from popping open or inadvertently knocking open, so that the closed cabinet door is more stable. The door lock can also be customized as fingerprint lock, card lock, etc.

  1. Charging cabinet switch; power switch external, plug in the power supply can be used, convenient and quick, a step to complete.
  2. Cabinet vent; the charger is equipped with double cooling fans, and there are also ventilation holes on both sides of the charging cabinet for more thorough heat dissipation and ventilation.
  3. Green partition; PVC bracket partition, strong support, reasonable spacing, separate storage for tablet PC and other equipment, effectively avoiding tablet PC collision with each other and preventing equipment damage.
  4. Silent forma wheel; the gear rotation of the forma wheel can adjust the lift of the support column, which can also be steadily placed on uneven ground, which is both beautiful and easy to move.
  5. Bottom power supply layer; using Youniu high-quality multi-port charger with built-in intelligent chip, with control short-circuit protection and other functions, for the safety of charging electronic devices
  6. How to dissipate heat from the flat panel charging cabinet?

When the flat panel charging cabinet is working, the components will generate a certain amount of heat. If the temperature is too hot, it is easy to cause an explosion and other accidents. So, how does a flat panel charging cabinet dissipate heat?

  1. Private mould heat sink

Inside the charging layer there is a private moulded heat sink with 5 times the volume of the aluminium profile, which ensures that the core devices run at low temperatures.

  1. Silent cooling fans

The charger is equipped with a silent double fan to form a convection, and then with a powerful heat sink to dissipate the heat generated by the operation of the machine, the heat dissipation is more thorough.

  1. Hollow heat sink

In addition to the cooling components on the power supply level, the charging cabinet is also designed with hollow vents on both sides to facilitate heat dissipation from the device.

  1. Applications and advantages of the tablet charging cabinet

The tablet charging cabinet is designed for charging tablet computers, laptops and a wide range of intelligent digital products and can be widely used in collective units such as schools or institutions. It directly eliminates the need for traditional chargers or adapters and changes the direct contact between the human body and the mains to improve safety performance.

Advantages of the flat charging cabinet.

  1. The charging cabinet does not require the user to have direct access to the mains, increasing the safety factor.
  2. The charging cabinet allows you to keep your cluttered electronics in order and maximise the use of space.
  3. The birth of the charging cabinet facilitates the management of digital products and makes charging more hassle-free.
  4. According to the actual needs of customers, the Ingenious tablet charging cabinet can be used for a variety of 16-80 bit tablets at the same time