40Port TYPEC Charger with Fast Charge Protocols and Protection Functions

The 40port TYPEC Charger is a multifunctional, fastcharging device with a TypeC interface. It supports a range of output fastcharge protocols, including DCP/QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/AFC/PD. It is compatible with a variety of mobile phones and laptops on the market.


The charger is powered by 830V solar panel or battery supply and has a power factor of more than 95%, with a conversion rate of more than 85%. This provides each port with an output power of 522.5W.

Each port can automatically adjust the output current and voltage according to the recognized fast pulse protocol, with the typical output voltage and current being 5V 3.1A/7V 2.4A/9V 2A/12V 1.75A. All TYPEC ports on the 40port TYPEC 1U charger can automatically adjust the over current point.

Each port supports a maximum output of 12V/1.75A after successfully completing the highvoltage SCP quickrush protocol handshake. When highvoltage SCP is output, it provides a higher charging power than PD.

This 40port TYPEC charger is independently integrated with various fast charge protocols, allowing for CC1/CC2 or DP/DM to automatically identify and adjust the current and voltage accordingly according to the connected device‘s supported protocol. It supports DCP (Apple, Samsung, and BC1.2), Qualcomm QC2.0/QC3.0/ Huawei Fast Charge protocol FCP, high voltage SCP, Samsung Fast Charge protocol AFC, USB PD2.0/PD3.0 (PPS) output protocol.

To protect the device, the charger has multiple protection functions, including input overvoltage, input undervoltage, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, output undervoltage, and shortcircuit protection.

It also has a line supplement function which increases the output voltage when the output current increases, compensating for the voltage drop caused by the impedance of the connecting line. Furthermore, a soft start function prevents the impact current from affecting the stability of the output power supply. Lastly, the 40port TYPEC charger is equipped with a lamp function.