Clients is looking for the Multi-Port USB HUB ( charge & Syncs) or USB Charger,but they do not know how to choose the suitable one.

Now, we guid you to choose the right one;

  1. Why they are called industrial hubs?

    The characteristics of an industrial hub as compared to an ordinary hub are as follows:
    1. Use motherboard level chips
    2. Independent power supply with enough power and current
    3, the assembly design appearance is suitable for the use of the Cabinet
    5. Support long term, steady work
    6. Individual ports are designed with many protections
    7. Work at-5 to 55 degrees
    2. Multi-port USB HUB or Charger Function:

Syncs & amp; Charges
Charges only

– to mobile hard disk, U Disk, card reader mass production;
-mobile phone, tablet computer brush machine, digital camera,
-Law Enforcement Recorder Data Acquisition Station, mobile power supply,
-Educational charging cabinet customers and other products high-current fast charging and
data communication;

  1. Certification:
    CE, FCC, Rohs certificate, some products have applied for 3C and UL certificate,
  2. After-sales Service:
    1-year warranty.
  3. OEM Services:
    We have an R&D team to help you customize the multi-ports USB hub or USB charger foryou. Please contact or send an email: [email protected] to have a further talk aboutbusiness cooperation.
  4. Whether the product can be used in your country:

    There are two kinds of power supply for LADAGOGO USB hub products. 5V 3A, 5V 5A, and12v 10A, 12V 5A series is the desktop adapter, it can be used in any country, It is suitablefor the 110-240V environment.
    5V 20A(100W) , 5V 40A(200W), 5V 60A(300W), we adopt the famous Taiwan Brand;

MeanWell with CE, FCC, ROHS, UL certificate. All the USB hub or USB charging stations; Also with the accessories and listed in the quote. For the quote, please send an email: [email protected];

  1. How to choose a suitable industrial USB HUB for your device?

    Most clients may know a little about the multi-port USB HUB and they do not know how tochoose the suitable USB HUB to meet their needs.
    Now, let us guide you to choose the suitable models;

How many ports do you require to connect your mobile devices?
2. The mobile device is a mobile phone, tablet or other USB devices? Can tell us the brand and the item’s specification? What is the current required? Such as iPhone 8 1.5A charges;What the function you need, data syncs, charges, or syncs & Charges at the same time;
The background of the device you plan to use, for USB-disk duplicator, body camera, mobile phones/tablet refurbishment, etc.
Data transfer speed requirements, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, if you need the USB3.0 device, please make sure all the devices with USB 3.0 version, if one of them with USB 2.0. The speed data syncs are USB 2.0.
For more requests, you can send email to : [email protected]

  1. Multi-port USB HUB/ Charger Application and Model Recommendation

    1. Education:
    Charge Box , Mobile Charging Cabine/Trolly;
    Model: LA-400(10ports Charges and syncs hub) , LA-812(30ports Charges and syncs hub)
    , LA-165(10ports Charges and syncs hub) , LC-165(16ports Charges and syncs hub);
    Reason: 2A current per port, suitable for charge and syncs at the same time; The charginghub with mounting bracket design and can be fixed into the cabinet.

  2. Charging Area
    Solar System Charges, Advertising Charging Kiosk, Public charging stations;
  3. Mobile Phones and Tablets:
    Manufacturers of mobile phones/tablets: Apple, Huawei, Samsung, etc.
    Mobile phone refurbishment or Second Hand Mobile phones: Mobile Phone Recycling,Mobile Phone Refurbishment, Mobile Phone Repair
    Model: LA-213 LA-223
  4. Software/IT company:
    Software solution provider for mobile phones/ tablets testing, APP download at the sametime;
  5. Telecommunication area: Communication Cabinet

3G Modem / Dongle: LA-210 LA-223 LA-812, customer test A-210 is relatively stable

  1. Law Enforcement Recorder/ Police Worn Body Camera : LA-173, LA-213, LA-400;
    USB Duplication: U Disk dealers or manufacturers, U Disk for mass testing or loading; testing ( can be used as the USB Duplicator, it is the cheapest USB Copier).
    Model: LA-100, LA-163
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