Let you charge and sync multiple tablets and other USB-chargeable devices, also have completed multi-ports charger to meet your needs.

Let us recommend the suitable model to you. 

Before you plan to order our product, you need to think about the the function you really require, and you should tell us the device you plan to connect.
Most clients need the device with charge and syncs function or charge function only. They need to charge 10/16/ 30 tablets or mobile phones at the same time, some clientsneed the device with more ports or less ports we do not have. But it is not a big problem of the ports, our industrial USB syncs & charges hub also can meet your needs and you can read our below details and maybe you can get more new ideas to expand your business market.

Today, we recommend the each ports with 5V 2.1A USB Charge and Syncs hub to
you,you can charge the the same ports USB Devices at the same time, especially for the mobile phones and tablets ;

Now, let’s introduce our device which is popular in the education area
10/16/20/ 30 PORTS USB Charge and Syncs Hub

LA-400 LA-423 LA-165 LA-223 LA-812
Charges Up to 10/16/32 Tablets, Smart phones and Other USB Devices
* Compatible devices include iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android tablets and smart phones
* Provides up to 5V, 2.4A (12W) of charging power to each port

Syncs Devices via Connected Computer
* Syncs USB devices using its compatible software, such as iTunes or Apple Configure.
* It will sync devices capable of being synced, which is great if you need to manage multiple
devices such as the Apple iPad®. Simply connect your Mac or PC to the charger and open your syncing software (e.g. iTunes/Apple Configurator). All your connected devices will be listed, ready for you to sync.
* Included USB cable connects USB-B port and computer’s USB-A port

Mounting Bracket Design: Can be fixed or installed in the mobile flight case or
charging cabinet

LA-400 10 ports USB Charging HUB

Universal USB hubs (sync and charge iPads and most tablets)
Carts to charge and secure iPads and tablets
Cabinets to charge and secure the new iPad and previous models
Transport Cases to sync and charge iPads and tablets where needed
iPad racks for easy storage and support
iPad and tablet security enclosures for wall or table mounts

Transport Cases
Industrial cases for transporting, securing, charging and easily syncing iPads, minis, iPhones and many other types of devices.  Many of our Carry Cases now feature universal hubs which can be used to sync and charge many types of tablets in labs, classrooms or any location were moving large quantities of tablets is impractical. iPad Cabinets and Safes

Cabinets and Safes for iPads, iPad minis and many other tablets.
LA-423 10 PORTS USB 3.0 HUB ( Transfer speed is higher than LA-400, Charge is same as
LA-400 10 Ports usb sync & charge Hub. )

Model: LA-165

LA-165 16-Port USB Charging Station with Syncing, 110V/230V, 5V 40A (200W) USB Charger Output, 1U Rack-Mount

Multiple Tablet Syncing and Charging Station (LA-165)

USB hub has 16 ports plus one host port used for connecting to laptop for syncing
iPads are synced & charged by connecting Apple USB cable to USB hub
Charge and Syncs table
Charge and sync up to 16 devices at once
•Universal—works with all USB charging port devices and provides Sync for
iPad and USB syncing devices

  • Simultaneously charges all devices to ensure that all students’ batteries are
    fully and evenly charged

1U rack-mountable USB charger with integrated hub charges and syncs up to 16 tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Recommended for schools, offices and other environments where multiple USB devices are used.

Maximum charge output of 2.4A per USB port
Supports USB 2.0 data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps
Syncs any USB device using its compatible software
Mounts in 1U of EIA-standard 19 in. rack

multiple usb charging station

LA-812 30 ports Charging Hub
* Compatible charging for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile phone, digital camera, bluetooth heaset,MP4 Player and GPS.
* Laptop Storage Charging and Sync Cart for iPad Vocational Education Equipment
* Charge and synchronize large quantities of iPads quickly and easily with SYNC using
iTunes, Apple Configurator or third party mobile device management software.

We adopted Taiwan Meanwell brand power supply, the 5V 60A( 300W) power supply built-in the cooling fan, only when the surface temperature of the power supply reaches more than 55 °C, the fan will work, when the surface problem below 60 °c, the fan will stop working.

The 30 port hub is the 2.0 hub:
The LA-812 uses USB3.0’s chipset, but the interface is still USB2.0. The main consideration is that the 3.0 chip can be compatible with more mobile phone and device charging solutions, but the 3.0 interface limits the number of USB devices connected to computer peripherals, so the USB2.0 interface is adopted. The power supply voltage is not being used in a matching voltage environment:

If the power supply voltage is adjusted to 110V and the AC is switched on at 220V, that will cause the power supply to burn out. Conversely, if a 220V supply is connected to 110V AC, the power supply will be underpowered. So for adjustable switching power supply, be sure to ensure that the supply voltage and the use of the environment voltage match. The safety problem of the power supply without protecting case : The power supply has the matching to give the fixed installation localization piece and the screw. It is suggested that the user can fix the power supply at a hidden end that can not be easily touched, or inside the rack. Even if the switch power supply is exposed to a normal;

Model: LA-223
Universal USB Hubs (iPad, tablets, iPhones, iPods and other USB devices)
Ladagogo offers two USB charging hubs intended to charge and sync up to 20 USB devices at the same time. This includes iPhones, iPads, tablet PCs, smartphones or any USB compliant device. iOS and Android devices are both supported. It will charge iPads, iPods, iPhones, mobile phones, Kindles, Nooks and other eReaders, tablets and virtually any device that charges with USB. And, for syncing, USB devices that can be managed through a host connection can be recognized for file management. iTunes and configurator software that connects through USB will sync to devices on these hubs.


The LA-223 will charge and sync up to 20 USB devices simultaneously. The hub can be used on the desk or in the office. Provide the charging solution is also the good options.
* It also includes USB-B port for host communication. (USB A-micro and USB A-B cables included.) . Also equipped with two USB-A expansion ports for daisy-chaining multiple hubs.
* Power supply plugs into wall outlet with cord (provided) ; ·

* Power supply: 200W 5V 40A, constant current limiting circuit, overload/overvoltage/short circuit protection, all applicable safety approvals. Power supply is dual voltage 115/230 VAC.
* Can be used for iPads (at their full 2.1A charge on each port), iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone; mobile phones; many Android and Windows tablets; Kindles, Nooks and eReaders; virtually any USB connected device

Certainly, we also have 19″ Rackmount USB Charger  ( 16 ports and 20 ports for your option), charging only.