LADAGOGO wireless charger advantage:

  1. WirelessCharger Design: Stand design+ Cooling Fan (cooling fan charges 40% faster than normal wireless charging, charging time: 2.5 hours );
  2. Wireless charger built in cooling fan’s Patent : With cooling effect and active cooling advantage (already has a utility model patent certificate);
  3. Charging Angle: A11 Double Coil, support the phone horizontally+vertically;
  4. Optimal Viewing Angle of the STENT: 60°
  5. Exclusive private model: Various styles, there have been more than 60 models, still continue developing more models to follow the fashion trends ;
  6. Certification Application: multi-certification, full certification, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE, Qi, (can apply for certification according to customer requirements);
  7. Patent Application: domestic and foreign patent, private model
  8. Wireless charging quality: equal to or better than Samsung, iPhone (material selection, process and manufacturing, wireless charging report and data, customer feedback, etc.)
  9. High Material Quality: Material Selection, internal components and accessories, accessories supplier selection comparison and quality control;
  10. COMPATIBLE: full range of down compatible phones, support 15W, 10W, 7.5 W, 5W
  11. Factory Advantage

  12. Strong R & D: With Design, R & D, PRODUCTION AND SALES
  14. OEM FOR BIG BRANDS: domestic and foreign big brands, such as:
  15. Factory Size: Own SMT, production line, 3000 square)
  16. Equipment, EQUIPMENT PROFESSIONAL: inspection, testing, aging equipment)
  17. Quality Control: (self-control ability is strong)
  18. Breakthrough Power: the future of upward compatibility can be broken in time (such as 5W, 10W, we can break apple’s 7.5 w, do 5W, 10W, 7.5 w, then, 15W, 5w, 10W, 7.5 w)

2.1 Research and Development

R & D team: 6 Professional Engineers, detailed division of Labor, Professional Strong: University Engineering Background

Design Team: ID, structure 6

R & D CYCLE: Fast Update, cycle 1-1.5 MONTHS

CUSTOMIZATION: Complete customization (from idea to finished product)


Delivery time (sample 3 days, bulk 15-25 days)

Whole Process self-control (Coil → PCB → SMT → PCBA → semi-finished product test (coil, main board)→ semi-finished product aging → on-line

Production Flow Chart

Order → material storage → IQC inspection (appearance, screen printing, function test: Wire, adapter)→ SMT → reflow welding → QC → post welding → aging → SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCT TESTING


First Inspection

Appearance (screen printing, packing, instruction)

Functional testing (voltage, current, FOD, charging distance, LED, other custom items)

Aging (new: 4H)

Production Line:

PCB → SMT → reflow soldering → post-soldering → semi-finished product testing → semi-finished product aging → appearance inspection before pulling up → assembly (random sampling)→ real machine measuring FOD → real machine measuring voltage / current (different mobile phones)→ finished product sampling testing → finished product aging → cleaning → packing → customer inspection before packing or packing

Service Capability

  1. One year warranty (quality)

2.1 One on one exclusive service

  1. Reaction Aging (12h)
  2. Due Date
  3. After Sale
  4. Visiting Reception
  5. Company advantage

  6. Long career: 2013 has been unique in its field

PROFESSIONAL: Professional Charging Solutions

PRECIPITATION: Continuous optimization and updating, novel design scheme,


PROFESSIONAL: Professional Product Specifications Report data, strength: product charging data horizontal and vertical comparison, results-oriented, product advantage: Private model + Cooling Fan)

  1. Professional sales team: Innovation, fashion, passion, quick response, irregular training and learning (sales, marketing)
  2. Humanized Management: Clear Division of Labor, the role of each
  3. Culture, background, training, team building
  4. Wireless Charger Advantage
  5. MARKET DEMAND: The market demand increases gradually, many domestic mobile phones also joined the ranks of wireless charging
  6. Cooling function: The sense of need for cooling has been strengthened
  7. MULTI-FUNCTIONALREQUIREMENTS: The need for multi-functional wireless charging increased (such as Bluetooth speakers, alarm clock display, etc.)