We know that the price is higher than the normal PDU( power distribution unit), but each tablets require the adapter to support the charge. It is not convenient for charges.

For us, we use the USB ports to solve the problem,but the cost is not cheap, we have engineer to design and need to test it many time before the delivery based on the standard testing and QC procedure.

Frankly, we also consider saving the cost from product, we choose the cheaper power supply instead of Meanwell ( TaiWan brand) on 2012,we got the defective product and negative feedback from clients.

We have to keep the stable quality product, we insist on using MeanWell until now, never changed. Certainly, you also can see other supplier with USB Charger is cheapest than us, it is not the different and you must worry about the safety.

You know, we have clients who work with us more than 6 years, they do the mobile charging case for education area and win the good reputation.

Knowledage on the usb charger multiple ports industry
Charging Industry
Charging the battery: USB charging products can be used to charge all 5V input devices, the battery end itself has a protective plate to protect the overcharge.

Whether it’s a phone or a tablet, the charging process shifts from a quick charge to a trickle charge as the battery gets closer to full charge. As the input current decreases, the charging speed slows down.

The ladagogo charging device charges much more slowly than the original charger:
Different devices have different charging schemes, and some big brands have matching charging chips built into their original charging heads. The Cipla charger is to meet the vast majority of the market demand for charging devices, is a common charging program, so may not be the same efficiency.
The charging current is less than 2A: The first step is to verify that the charging device supports the current input of the 2A. Next, take a look at the device’s battery to see if it’s close to saturation. One of the most important considerations is the length and quality of the charging data line. It is recommended to use the device’s original charger for testing.