USB DUPLICATOR – The USB Duplicators are a fast and reliable machine that can copy simultaneous many USB flash drives.

In the market, you can find the brand is as listed below;

USB Duplicators By Nexcopy

Nexcopy manufactures a variety of USB flash drive Duplicators which are PC based or Standalone Systems. Features include write protection, copy protection, partitions and CD-ROM emulation, all done at the controller level.

The PC based systems use our exclusive and feature rich Drive Manager software with advanced functions. Standalone systems are ultra-fast, high speed copiers duplicating gigabytes of data quickly and accurately. Made in U.S.A.

You aslo can check the price list;

We consider most small company they require the data syncs, we design the 16 ports for them.

16 ports USB HUB for your computer to connect USB devices, saving desktop space. The design of dual protection circuit for each ports.Suitable for USB products(U disk, card reader, SSD, mobile HDD,and other high power USB power supply equipment) batch testing and replication, testing and high load.

Ideal for large scale data transfer to low-power USB devices (such as card readers, flash drives, USB sticks, e-readers, etc) which do not require high-current charging.

  • LED indicator lights show which USB ports are in use at any given time.
  • Connects up to 16devices to a computer with 5V/5A power adapter.
  • Supports USB duplicator /copy speeds up to 5Gbps,and provide the software for free.
  • Syncs any USB device using its compatible software.
  • Works with WINDOWS ME/98/2000/XP/VISTA/7;MAC 9.1/10.2 and more higher.
  • You can see the below 16 ports USB  3.0 HUB