People always attend the different party or activities, in order to show their products and make people to charge their USB device,such as phone and tablets, the public place with phone and tablets charging kiosks, our multi-ports usb charging station can solve their problems and support more than 10, 20, 30, 60, 100 phones charging at the same time;

Case 1 Samsung Mobile Promotion-Samsung Multi ports Mobile phone charger

The project is from the customer in Europe, the purchase of a batch of 20-port charging station, the use of these 20-port charging station to charge Samsung mobile phones, the following is the customer to share with us live demonstration, the customer uses five 20-port chargers, all connected to the mobile phone, charging display, can play display indefinitely. 100 phones on the same screen, a full screen display.

Now you can see the customer for the brand promotion, they will display 100 phones at the same time, but can first through video display, the video shows a drop that can be seen, which creates a visual impact and can attract more customers to deepen their understanding of Samsung, using such an creative way to display in public, a presentation in a big mall.


Our devices are constantly charged and protected, which is a wise choice for Samsung’s dealers. Let us have more information to provide better charging equipment services.

Case 2  Solar charging system-20 ports supplied

At the port of an upscale yacht club, our customers use solar systems to customize charging supplies, and our customers use our 20 charging stations to add to the solar system, guests can sit in the leisure time here for mobile phone charging, 20 pieces of charging equipment enough to meet customer needs.

Of course, our customers will also be based on their own solar power supply, we provide multi-port charging for support.

In addition, we also have the clients who buy the 30 ports USB HUB (30 ports charge & Sync HUB LA-812)  which connect the solar system, but they require the converter( DC12V/24V) to support.

Power bank charge  (  Multiport USB Charger)

To save the time, clients choose the 30 port usb charger to charge the 30pcs mobile power banks at the same time.

Case 4. electronic products charging test- aging test ( 60 ports USB Charger)

Most the electronic company, buy our usb charging station for the electronic products aging testing.