The clients require the stable charging and need to us to support the PCBA Design solution, cuz we have rich experience on the charging devices, that is why we are expert on charging series.

Charging PCBA Customization Service 

Our engineer with 20 years in electronic industrial experience, know the procedures and we have long-term suppliers to provide the PCB board. The main function of charging is very stable and the 5-6 times factory testing and problem sAolving. 

Certainly, we also provide the PCBA solution for our clients in China. Our oversea clients also recommend the their China supplier to contact us to design and customize the PCBA for the device and our solutions can help them to solve their problem.  

Case 1.   6 ports USB Charger for LCD Charging Station

Solution: Provide the drawing and produce the PCBA and clients can install it into the charging station advertising.

LCD Charging Station with Brochure Holder


18 Port Charge and Sync USB HUB ODM Port for Ipad Carts Android UL Power
32 Port Customized USB HUB PCBA  

36 Port Charge and Sync USB HUB PCBA for Ipad Cart Table ( 32 Port Customized USB HUB PCBA  )  

What is a PCB?

PCB = Printed Circuit Board, the Chinese name is printed Circuit Board, also known as Printed Circuit Board, is an important electronic components, is the electronic components of the support, is the electronic components of the carrier. Because it is produced by electronic printing technology, it is called “printed” circuit board.


PCBA is short for Printed Circuit Board + Assembly, that is, PCB blank after SMT, and then DIP plug-in the whole process, or PCBA.


From the above, we can know that PCBA generally refers to a processing process, can also be understood as the finished circuit board, that is, PCB board after the completion of the process can be calculated PCBA. A PCB is an empty piece of printed circuit board with no parts on it.

With the miniaturization of high-speed and high-performance electronic machines, packaging technology has made great progress. Chip size packaging (CSP) and BGA packaging are developing towards multi-lead ends and narrow lead spacing, and Bare Chip packaging is becoming practical. As a result of these advances in packaging technology, PCB (Printed Wiring Board) also put forward new requirements (to meet the needs of high-density packaging and high-speed) .

Previous electronic products manufacturers, to complete a complete circuit board production, usually need to purchase PCB back, then contact the SMT manufacturers, processing, the process is very troublesome, cost is not small. Nowadays, many manufacturers are willing to choose PCB manufacturers in the production of PCB at the same time processing chip, or let the chip manufacturers instead of purchasing PCB, both of these two ways to save a lot of trouble, to speed up production efficiency. And PCBA manufacturers can achieve these two quick and effective processing methods.

PCB procurement and chip processing are two different production methods, many electronic manufacturers only one of them, which requires electronic product manufacturers in the selection of PCBA processing manufacturers, to consider the strength of the manufacturers, select experienced, the manufacturer who can complete the whole process with excellence. Our Company for 7 years PCBA manufacturers long-term cooperation, strict in accordance with our requirements for mass production of PCBA.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you have your own PCBA?

Re: We can honestly say that we do not have a PCBA production site, but our suppliers do.

  1. Why you?

Re: WE HAVE 6 professional electronic engineers, according to the function and performance, need to achieve the effect of Professional Circuit Board drawing,

why foreign professional buyers customers will introduce their suppliers, charging programs with our ancillary facilities, because we are professional and reliable;

  1. Directly Find PCBA manufacturers can provide to the program to us? Aren’t you looking for them, too?

Re: our product solutions are their own research and development, according to customer needs for customization, and then arranged to PCBA manufacturers, of course, PCBA manufacturers, after all, there are many manufacturers in Guangdong region can choose. For us, after years of accumulation, we are also constantly trying new suppliers, and finally according to the degree of cooperation, the quality of the product is strictly screened, as a manufacturer, we need to try, according to the company’s products, supplier capacity, production Quality Control and other aspects of the evaluation, with time and professionalism for long-term cooperation;

  1. Product testing and testing

We promise to provide solutions to customers, PCBA completed, we need to conduct testing, testing, some customers need to connect power, these we will fully consider the needs of customers, provide solutions, confirmed by us to carry out. In this process, the professional quality control department will strictly in accordance with the requirements of the test, arrange personnel for testing, installation is completed again for testing, packaging will take into account the transport process may be damaged. Our team in accordance with the company’s established process standards for you to receive satisfactory products;

  1. Will the product not meet the requirements after it is received?

Re: Yes, during the pre-proofing, if the PCBA board has functional problems, we will also consult with customers and make improvements. During the communication process, some customers have made their requirements very clear, we engineers will be as satisfied as possible, but in the actual product application, our engineers will be based on professional point of view, multi-dimensional consideration of the problems that may occur, but when customers get samples for testing, usually more or less will find some problems, found that our technical team and the production department, will be for this project research, again according to customer needs, product improvement;