MODEL: LA-300 10 port USB 2.0 HUB

Product Current: Standard 12V 5A power supply, single port 5V / 500mA or so current output, suitable for U Disk, mobile phone, and other batch data transmission.The green light for connecting to your computer is not on: After the hub is connected to the computer, if no device is plugged into the hub no load, the hub data mode goes into hibernation and the green light goes out. The green light comes on normally when the USB device is plugged in.

Unable to charge the device directly:
Due to the limitations of the hub’s design, the device must be connected to a computer to charge the device.

Add 100 phone connections:

10-port hubs are available while ensuring that the PC motherboard supports 100 cell phone extensions. One is directly connected to the computer for expansion, and the remaining 10 hubs are connected in series to the first hub. When the hub is connected to the device for transmission, the product will produce a current sizzle:
This is due to signal interference during data transmission and it is recommended that the hub be placed a little further away from the Computer Speaker / audio and audio transmission lines.