USB Charger OEM Service-color and Logo Printing

Most clients require the proudct color which keep the same as their brand and we also need the logo printing.

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Ladagogo is available in 3 colours and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices – the most convenient charging solution. If you’re looking for something a little different, Ladagogo can be custom designed to suit your branding needs.

Whether you require a different colour to match your scheme, or you want to re-brand with your own logo, Ladagogo’s design can be altered to align with your company aesthetic.

Ladagogo comes neatly packaged in a plain box with a customisable option to complete the look. Neo is compliant with UK, AUS and EU regulations including EMC, CE, RoHs. Please contact us for more information at [email protected]


What is the OEM( Original equipment manufacturer), you can know it from the wikipedia





Case Study 1   20 PORTS USB Charge Box

Most clients require the proudct color which keep the same as their brand and we also need the logo printing.

LC-220 20 ports USB Charger, provide the panton color painting. We change the color and print the logo( logo deleted for business confidential) for them. Provide the logo with

Mobile phone company20 ports usb charger with panton color  (LC-220 20 PORTS USB CHARGER & LC-330 30 PORTS USB CHAGRER )

Application: Mobile phones charges and second hand mobile phone aging testing/

Case Study 2   25 PORTS USB HUB for USB Dongles  

Client also require the white color, the model LA-25 ( customization)

Requests: 1.each ports with Series NO. and company logo

Application: charge & syncs, each ports with 2.4A and support the dongles connect the computer, for their PCR dongles to syncs file through their software.



We provide the blue color on LC-30 ( 30 PORTS USB charging station) for Hellobike 

The brief introduction of Hellobike 

Hellobike is a professional mobile travel platform dedicated to providing users with convenient, efficient, comfortable travel tools and services. Since its launch in September 2016, Harrow travel has emerged from the fierce competition in the bike-sharing market with differentiated strategies, intelligent technology-driven precision operations, excellent cost control and an excellent user experience, it has become a leader in two-wheel Travel Service and has evolved into a professional mobile travel platform with integrated services such as Hello bike, Hello scooter, Hello service, Hello electricity change and Hello free ride.

Hellobike uphold the mission of “technology-driven travel evolution” , adhere to the “Green, low-carbon, easy travel” service concept, to provide users with coverage of short, medium and long-range travel services in a variety of ways, efforts to ease the pressure of urban traffic, intelligent transportation and smart city construction.

As of July 2020, Hellobike accumulated nearly 400 million registered users, firmly ranked first in the industry. Haro travel’s Haro bikes have been installed in more than 360 cities, and users have cycled 23.7 billion kilometers, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 2.8 million tons, which is equivalent to planting 172 million trees. Haro bikes have also been installed in more than 260 cities nationwide, users have cycled more than 2.149 billion kilometers; the Haro Free Ride currently covers more than 300 cities, with a total of 80 million rides. Haro travel business are in a leading position in the market segment.

As the leader of two-round trip market, Hellobike trip will focus on two-round trip field, build two-round ecological system, provide one-stop intelligent travel service for users, and help users do a good job on each trip.

If you have the requests on the color & logo printing , only send us the logo drawing and color option. We would like to print it for you. Contact US now.