Police camera docking station is the latest charging and data uploading device, compatible with the most of police body cameras in the market.Users only need an office computer, without cumbersome wiring. It features multi-device data collection and charging.

Case 1 Body-worn Camera data aquisition station 

Short Description:
Police camera docking station is the latest charging and data uploading device, which can connect up to 8 cameras, via USB3.0 port, compatible with the most of police body cameras in the market.

So the clients buy our 10 ports USB Charge & Syncs Hub (LA-400 10 ports USB 2.0 HUB) and (LA-423 10 ports USB3.0 HUB)  to install it into the small charging docking and it work in the police station, and it can collect the data from the body worn camera.


Data acquisition (Daq) refers to the collection of non-electrical or electrical signals from analog and digital units, such as sensors and other devices to be measured, and the analysis and processing of these signals. Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a flexible, user-defined measurement system based on the software and hardware of computer or other special test platform.

Data acquisition is the use of a device to collect data from outside the system and input to the system’s internal interface. Data acquisition technology is widely used in various fields. Cameras, microphones, they’re all data acquisition tools.

The collected data are physical quantities that have been converted into electrical signals, such as temperature, water level, wind speed, pressure, and so on. Sampling is generally a sampling method, that is, a certain period of time (called sampling cycle) for the same point data repeated collection. The data collected are mostly instantaneous values, but also can be an eigenvalue in a certain period of time. Accurate data measurement is the basis of data acquisition. The methods of data measurement include contact and non-contact, and there are many kinds of detecting elements. No matter which method and component, it is the premise that does not affect the state of the tested object and the measuring environment to ensure the correctness of the data. The meaning of data collection is very broad, including the collection of continuous physical quantity. In computer-aided drawing, mapping and design, the process of digitizing graphics or images is also called data acquisition. At this time, geometric data (or including physical data, such as gray level) are collected.


With the rapid development of the Internet industry, data acquisition has been widely used in the Internet and distributed areas, the field of data acquisition has undergone important changes. Firstly, the intelligent data acquisition system in distributed control applications has made great progress at home and abroad. Second, the number of bus-compatible data acquisition plug-ins is increasing, as is the number of data acquisition systems compatible with personal computers. Various kinds of data acquisition machines have come out at home and abroad, which bring data acquisition into a brand-new era.

Data acquisition refers to the process of automatic acquisition of information from analog and digital units, such as sensors and other equipment to be tested. Data acquisition system is a flexible, user-defined measurement system combined with computer-based measurement software and hardware products.

The purpose of data acquisition is to measure physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound. Data acquisition based on PC, through the combination of modular hardware, application software and computer, to measure. Although data acquisition systems have different definitions according to different application requirements, each system has the same purpose of collecting, analyzing and displaying information. The data acquisition system integrates signal, sensor, actuator, signal conditioning, data acquisition equipment and application software.

Clients adopt the 20 ports USB 3.0 HUB to install it into the Body Worn Camera Docking Station Kiosk Dock


Case 2 Bitcoin Mining Hardware  

A-10  10 Ports USB Charge & Sync Hub

Bitcoin (Bitkine) was originally an online virtual currency that could be used to buy real-life items. It is characterized by its decentralized, anonymous, digital-only use, does not belong to any country or financial institution and is not geographically restricted and can be exchanged for it anywhere in the world, it has also been used by some criminals as a tool for money laundering. In 2013, the U.S. government recognized Bitcoin’s legal status, sending its price through the roof.